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    Laser Type            :   CW RF 20² Laser All Meatal Sealed Type

    Laser Power         :   30W, (UP TO 175mJ AT 5,000us.)

   Laser Mode           :   TEM00(10.6um)

   Laser Mode           :   TEM00(10.6um)

   Pulse Duration      :   100 – 5,000us

   Repetition              :   0.2 – 2 Sec / Single.

   Overlap (Degree)  :   1 – 10th

   Distance                 :   0.1 – 2.0mm

   Treatment Area      :   1x1 – 20 x 20mm

   Pixel Quantity          :   Upto 40,401

   Pixel Size                :   100 Micron

   Cooling                    :   Air Cooling

   Optical Guide           :   Articulated Arm


High POwer CO2 Fractional Laser System

   High power (CW Real Max 30 W.) supporting short duration.

   Uniform and stable power supporting high beam quality.

   Less pain and less risk.

   Shorter operation time by fast scanning.

   Accurate operation by multi shape & scanning pattern.

   Replacaeable fractional and normal hand piece.

   Minimize thermal damage and maximize treatment effect.

   Easy to operate with wide touch screen (10.4 inch) and USB

Manufactured by ILOODA - South Korea